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Category Definition

Basic Knowledge Basic knowledge on a broad range of topics in the material handling field.
Client industries All information on client industries.
Competitor profiles
Competitors All direct competitors in the material handling industry.
Internal Information Information gathered internally, e.g. from sales representatives, client insights, etc.
Legislation and regulations Everything on legislation and regulation topics, from emission to security issues.
Market Figures
Market Segments
Other industries All orther industries related to the material handling business, e.g. Supplier industries, Lorries, Agriculture, etc.
Reports & Studies
Strategic Topics
Topic Definition

Events and Awards Information on industry events and industry awards.
Financials Financial Figures and News concerning competitors.
General News News not classified elsewhere.
Macro Indicators
Market & Customer All information on the Market development and on customer projects, leads, etc.
Market Share & Rankings Information on market shares
New Product Information about NEW products. Please choose also the product type in the list.
Operations Information concerning competitors operational activities, e.g. close downs, new offices, hire and fire activities, manufacturing sites, etc.
People News concerning changes in management at competitors and within the industry.
Product & Services
Reseach & Development Information on R&D activities of competitors suppliers and others
Strategy & M&A All strategic activities of competitors, e.g. partnerships, joint-ventures, new locations, acquisitions etc.
Technology Trends & Innovations Trends in all relevant areas, e.g. hybrid powertrains, AGV technology, etc.
Syntax Description

AND / (Space) Both the search words before and after AND must appear in the article. AND narrows your search.
Examples: Social AND CRM / Social CRM
OR Either the words before or after OR can appear in the article. OR broadens your search.
NOT / - The search words before NOT must appear in the article, but the words after must not.
(..) Whatever is inside the parentheses is searched first, then those results are searched with the words outside the parentheses.
Examples: Dealership AND (Toyota OR Jungheinrich)